Galaxy S24’s “Instant Slo-mo” to be available on older phones

    Ever since the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, one of the latest standout innovations within the phone is the Instant Slow-mo feature for videos. This feature allows to seamlessly transform ordinary footage into slow-motion masterpieces with AI-generated frames, by using the ingenious Galaxy AI. While initially uncertain if this feature would extend to previous Galaxy models, Samsung has officially confirmed its forthcoming integration across existing phones and tablets.

    AI generated frames with the help of Galaxy AI

    The news came to light when a Samsung Community Forum moderator unveiled the company’s strategic initiative to expand the Instant Slow-Mo capability that was initially pioneered for the Galaxy S24. The feature will be begin rolling out to older flagship devices like last year’s Galaxy S23 series, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, and finally, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 series via the highly anticipated One UI 6.1 update.

    The list of older Samsung devices that will receive the instant slo-mo feature
    The list of older Samsung devices to receive the feature that was spotted on the moderators post

    Furthermore, the moderator hinted that this feature with the help of forthcoming updates will soon support 10-bit videos with a broader resolution compatibility that ranges from 480p to 8K, and support for expanded file formats that will include .mov alongside the standard .mp4 format.

    The feature showcased by Samsung

    The Instant Slo-mo feature

    The company clarified that this cutting-edge feature will be supported on Galaxy devices that feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC chipset and higher as a stringent requirement as the feature responds within a mere 16.6 milliseconds for 60fps videos. So this level of speed is reliably achievable solely on the latest high-end Galaxy smartphones.

    The Instant Slo mo effect in the edit section of the in built video editor

    Another aspect of this feature is that the Instant Sl0-Mo videos can now be shared with ease to other users or post directly on popular social media apps and messaging apps after applying the effects. In the latest Galaxy S24 series, Samsung bid adieu to the 720p 960fps Super Slow-Mo recording by introducing a newer and a faster approach with the Galaxy AI. By harnessing the power of 4K 120fps videos coupled with the innovative Instant Slow-Mo feature, users can create slow motion masterpieces by using the feature to its fullest potential.

    The snapshot of instant sharing options as seen on the Samsung community forum

    Lastly, users can effortlessly enhance their videos with this sought-after feature by directly accessing it in the effects section in the built-in video editor. Samsung promises to roll out this feature in the forthcoming update to eligible smartphones and tablets before the halfway mark of 2024.


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