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Microsoft’s “next-gen” Xbox: what we know so far

Microsoft announced four unnamed Xbox-exclusives, and a "next-gen" gaming console during the official podcast

Microsoft Next Gen Xbox

On a recent Official Xbox Podcast episode that was aired on Thursday, Microsoft brought clarity to numerous topics while tantalizing listeners with fresh insights into the roadmap for the future of gaming console. Among the revelations of the arrival of four unnamed Xbox-exclusive titles on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, the company underscored its dedication to advancing Xbox hardware and crafting exclusive experiences for its gamers.

During the podcast, Xbox president Sarah Bond emphasized Microsoft’s dedication to bring in the “largest technical leap” in the upcoming Xbox console generation, amidst many speculations stating that Microsoft could potentially shutdown the console business. Here is what we know about this highly anticipated next-gen Xbox console and the tech giant’s strategic direction in moving forward.

The “Next-Gen” Xbox

In the podcast, Bond hinted at the forthcoming Xbox console innovations. While she remained tight-lipped in terms of the console’s specs, earlier speculations have hinted at a possibility of a disc-less Series X console alongside a fresh iteration of the controller. “There’s some exciting stuff coming out in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday,” she added.

This affirmation sparked excitement among fans, setting the stage for the anticipated unveiling later this year. Speculations suggest that this unveiling might herald the much-rumored mid-generation refresh of the Xbox Series S/X consoles. The current lineup in the Xbox family include the flagship Xbox Series X, along with the lower end Xbox Series S.

Nonetheless, excitement ripples through the gaming community as anticipation for the next iteration of Xbox reaches a fever pitch. Amidst the fervor, speculations suggest that the upcoming release of a new console might break the confines of traditional consoles, with the possibility of an Xbox gaming handheld instead.

Whether Microsoft would launch a cutting-edge next-gen Xbox console or would get into the handheld gaming arena, or perhaps even both, remains to be seen. Other announcements during the podcast included the release of Diablo 4 on Xbox Game Pass on March 28th and the same would go for other Activision Blizzard games, followed by the June showcase for the Xbox.

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