General Motors Enters Home Battery Market with Ultium Range, Takes on Tesla’s Powerwall

    The home battery market is becoming more competitive, and the latest player to enter is General Motors (GM), with their range of Ultium home products. This move follows the entry of Anker with its Solix energy storage products, adding to the intensifying competition against Tesla’s Powerwall. GM’s home energy solutions, announced earlier in October, are now being detailed, offering a fresh perspective on home energy storage systems.

    GM’s home energy line-up consists of three diverse options, two of which leverage GM’s Ultium platform used in their electric vehicles (EVs). These options include the V2H Bundle and the Energy System Bundle, both integrating the Ultium platform’s bi-directional charging capabilities. This means that customers who opt for these bundles can use their GM EVs as backup power during emergencies.

    There’s also a third charging solution, the Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle. This option provides customers with energy storage solutions without the need for an EV.

    Choosing among the three options boils down to individual requirements and how users perceive the role of their GM EV in charging, if they own one. For instance, the Ultium Home Energy System is ideal for those seeking a balance. This package delivers vehicle-to-home (V2H) charging, enabling users to power their homes using their EVs. Besides, it also offers standalone energy without an EV’s involvement, courtesy of GM’s PowerBank.

    GM’s PowerBank comes in two variations based on energy storage needs. The base model offers a 5 kW/10.6 kWh capacity, while the top variant provides a 7 kW/17.7 kWh capacity. To put things in perspective, Tesla’s Powerwall 2 possesses a 13.5kWh capacity and a peak power of 7kW.

    For those uninterested in off-grid energy storage, GM’s PowerBank also integrates with solar arrays from SunPower, GM Energy’s exclusive partner. However, if you’re after flexibility, other competitors like Anker provide power storage solutions compatible with most third-party solar arrays available on the market.

    GM’s foray into home energy storage is a strategic move to compete with Tesla in the burgeoning EV market in North America. Tesla’s growth strategy expands beyond EVs, so it makes sense for GM to diversify their offerings as well.

    GM hasn’t disclosed specific dates for the public availability of each bundle. However, it assured that the release dates would vary for each solution. This venture presents an exciting new chapter for GM as they leverage their Ultium platform to challenge Tesla and other players in the home energy storage market.


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