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Got a doctor’s prescription that you can’t read? Well, now Google can read it for you!

Google can read doctor's prescription

Many can read but not many can read what’s been scribbled on a doctor’s prescription as the handwritten texts are infamously difficult to read for the common public. Now, Google is attempting to solve this long-existing problem. At the recently concluded Google for India 2022, the tech giant revealed an upcoming AI and machine learning model to read handwritten prescriptions. Google said that the technology will be assistive in nature and help pharmacists digitize handwritten medical documents.

The feature will allow users to either take a picture of the prescription or upload one from the photo gallery. The image gets processed and the app detects and highlights the medicines mentioned in the note. A Google executive demonstrated how the feature works during the event.  The feature is currently under development and is yet not available for the public to use.

The company also said that no decision would be made on the sole basis of the results provided by this feature. In its blog post, Google said, “This will act as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents by augmenting the humans in the loop such as pharmacists, however, no decision will be made solely based on the output provided by this technology.”

Along will this, the company has also introduced a Multisearch feature that expands the search engine’s visual search capabilities. According to the Google blog detailing the feature, Multisearch will users use images and text together in their search queries. The company also announced that it is working on a single, unified model to cover more than 100 Indian languages for both speech and text to empower the internet journey of the next millions of individuals in the South Asian market.


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