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HMD debuts “Barbie phone” and “Fusion” phones at MWC 2024

Finnish mobile brand HMD Global, announced a "Barbie Flip phone" and "Fusion" modular phone during MWC 2024. To be launched during the Summer of 2024.

Nokia maker HMD Global on Wednesday announced their new range of self-repairable modular smartphones, along with a “Barbie flip phone” during the Mobile World Congress event, happening at Barcelona, Spain. Although the brand owns the license for Nokia till the end of 2026, it seems to be stepping beyond its Nokia-branded legacy, and aims to make a mark of its own.

“Fusion” Modular Series

HMD MWC 2024
A teaser image of the Fusion series that was seen during the presentation

Leading up to the reveal, HMD had been dropping breadcrumbs on its website, with a pixelated image of four devices in vibrant color variants. Set to hit markets during July 2024, the company also officially confirmed the same during MWC 2024, anticipation is at its peak for these modular devices.

Although the teaser image maintains an aura of mystery around the design, HMD said the phone would enable users to tailor their devices with interchangeable back panels and modular hardware extensions like Moto’s Z series, that it calls as “smart outfits”. In terms of specifications and pricing nothing was mention, but looking at the teaser images, we can say that the HMD Fusion may feature a dual-camera setup.

By empowering users to address common issues like screen damage without resorting to complete replacements, the company aims to curb the environmental repercussions of discarded electronics. The concept of  DIY (Do It Yourself) in order to proactively extend the longevity of their gadgets through DIY repairs, is the goal for the company.

HMD MWC 2024
The customizable cases as showcased by HMD We can also look at the phones design here

HMD also announced a Fusion Development Toolkit, cases that can combine with built-in hardware components and new applications that can extend the phone’s functionality, making the device highly customizable. The company calls it as “Smart Outfits” While specifics regarding the phone’s specifications remain shrouded, HMD underscored its dedication towards reparability and user-centric customization.

Barbie Flip phone

HMD MWC 2024
HMD in its website said Say bye to endless screen time and hello to retro chic with this super stylish device for real world adventures

In parallel, HMD tantalized consumers with news of a Barbie flip phone set to debut sometime around May 2024. Collaborating with toy company Mattel, the company with a long history for manufacturing toys like HotWheels cars and Barbie Dolls and loved globally, HMD seems to be tapping into the nostalgia and fervor surrounding the iconic doll.

While not much is known regarding the design, specifications and color variants of the flip phone, HMD Global aims towards a broader market appeal, catering to an expansive spectrum of user preferences with the two new phones.

Previous Pink releases

Launched in August 2023 HMD Intentionally called the pink Nokia 2660 flip as Dumb Phone and urged users to use it as a detox from social media and yeah they used Gen Z lingo for this like forget FOMO and embrace JOMO

The company previously launched a pink variant of the famous Nokia 2660 flip 4G feature phone last year during August with a price tag of Rs. 4699, and called it a “Dumb Phone” by urging modern-day smartphone users to take a digital detox and put real life ahead of reel life. The company humorously put it across by saying “Side-effects may include improved wellbeing and more living in the moment.”

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