Order home-cooked meals with Zomato Everyday!

    Zomato Everyday is currently available in select areas of Gurgaon.


    Craving for fresh, home-cooked meals? Well, the online food delivery platform Zomato has announced a solution for you.


    The Indian restaurant aggregator has launched ‘Zomato Everyday,’ a platform that delivers fresh home-style meals. Zomato’s food partners collaborate with home chefs and deliver meals at an affordable price starting at Rs 89.


    Zomato Everyday is currently available in select areas of Gurgaon. These users can order food by simply browsing the menu and can even customize their meals.


    Zomato Everyday


    “Zomato Everyday will bring you closer to home by serving you meals that make you feel at home,” the company’s chief Deepinder Goyal said in a blog; adding that the home-styled food will be delivered at “best prices within minutes.”


    “By using only the finest ingredients, the food not only tastes delicious, but every dish is of the highest quality,” he added. However, it is still unknown what meals will be included in Zomato Everyday and its delivery charges and taxes.


    Elsewhere, Zomato said earlier this month the platform has started building public infrastructure, which it calls Rest Points, to support the gig economy and delivery partners of various companies. Announced under the company’s ‘Shelter Project,’ rest points are claimed to be more than just a place to take a break between deliveries and would offer clean drinking water, phone-charging stations, access to washrooms, high-speed internet, a 24×7 helpdesk and first-aid support.


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