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India’s Open World games: From Project Madras to Mayanagari

While gamers wait for the launch of GTA VI, these two upcoming Indian open world games namely Project Madras and Mayanagari seem to be stealing the show.

open world Project Madras Mayanagari

The open-world gaming genre exploded onto the scene with Rockstar Games’ trailblazing titles. From the mute but deadly Claude in Grand Theft Auto III to the neon-drenched Tommy Vercetti’s vengeful Vice City, and finally, the iconic CJ and his Grove Street homies in San Andreas, these games captivated millions of gamers and continue to do so. The adrenaline rush only intensified with the HD reinvention of GTA IV and V. But while fans eagerly await the release of Grand Theft Auto VI, which has been pushed to a 2026 release window, a new wave of Indian open world adventures such as Project Madras and Mayanagari are rising. Here’s a look at these two highly anticipated Desi open-world games generating major buzz, with potential releases slated this year on various platforms.

Project Madras

open world Project Madras to Mayanagari

Developed by Royston Cinemo, Project Madras is an open world Indie game set up in Chennai also known as Madras. Although not much is known regarding the game’s storyline, the protagonist’s name, or the release date, the game has been listed as a Windows platformer on Steam with an “add to wishlist” button. While still under development, the game aims to offer an exciting gaming experience as players can roam around the shores of the famous Marina Beach, the streets of Mount Road, and explore the various monuments of Chennai while accomplishing missions.

open world Project Madras to Mayanagari

The gameplay glimpse revealed three weeks ago shows various kinds of NPCs, interactive elements like riding auto-rickshaws, with unique camera angles, entering inside buildings with bikes, indulging in shooting missions, the protagonist vibing to music on his headphones while looking at the streets and the different lighting conditions on the Marina beach, including many more cool features. With a pumping mass background score the game’s hype is on the rise.


open world Project Madras to Mayanagari

Well, you may have guessed the game genre by looking at the Grand Theft Auto-styled title card of the much-awaited Indian open-world game, Mayanagari. The game is India’s first fully open world gangster game. Although the game was set to release during late 2023 for mobile devices like Android and iOS it still hasnt been launched despite its growing hype. However, players can pre-register for the game via the Google Play Store.

open world Project Madras to Mayanagari

Developed by homegrown game developer Hypernova Interactive, Mayanagari’s first cinematic trailer premiered during early 2023 at the India Gaming Show, revealing the game’s all-Indian, fully explorable open world. Not much is known regarding the game but it is said to be third-person action shooter RPG, where you take on the role of a yet-to-be-named gangster protagonist in the fictional city of Mayanagari, which draws heavy inspiration from real-life locations of Mumbai and Goa.

open world Project Madras to Mayanagari

Much like a desi version of Rockstar Games’ GTA and looking quite like Gameloft’s discontinued Gangstar Rio Game, players get the usual adrenaline rush in the game by commiting crimes, buying houses, building own businesses and managing gangs, as they rise as a don in the city.

Additionally, Mayanagari received its biggest graphical revamp since its announcement as a two-minute trailer was revealed in May 2023 by Hypernova Interactive that showed various upgrades to the graphics like redesigned texture, new lighting and shadows, unique designs per area, and realistic details on textures. That being said, players seem to be holding their breath until the curtains are drawn on this one.

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