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Instagram creators can now share Reels and Posts exclusively for their subscribers


Instagram recently announced a few new additions to its paid subscriptions program that is being tested since the beginning of this year. Meta-owned platform rolled out this feature with only 10 creators having access to it but is now available to thousands of creators.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri made this announcement on Twitter in a video, explaining how creators can now post reels and pictures exclusively for their subscribers. The update also includes a subscriber-only tab on a creator’s profile where paying fans can see the content they’ve unlocked access to. Creators can also host subscriber chats that can include up to 30 people. The chats will be available for 24 hours only.

“Subscriptions are a great way for creators to have a predictable income & for fans to get exclusive content from creators that they love,” Mosseri wrote.


Olympic gymnast Jordan Chiles and astrologer Aliza Kelly  were among 10 creators who had access to this feature when testing for this feature started. Initial alpha rollout supported subscriber-only stories, subscriber badges and subscriber-only livestreams.

Facebook launched its subscription program to help creators earn money in June 2020. In January, Meta introduced a similar feature for Instagram, highlighting its commitment to support the platform’s creators adding that it will not charge any fees for these subscriptions from the creators until 2023.

However, last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last month that this set-up of not taking any cut from creator earnings on its platforms would extend for another year, till 2024. Zuckerberg hasn’t revealed how much of a cut Meta will take once this introductory period is over, but he said last year that it would be “less than the 30% that Apple and others take.”

Instagram is also testing a feature Live Producer tool that will allow creators to go live from a desktop using external streaming software.