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iPhone 15 Overheating Issues: Here’s What to Know and Do

The iPhone 15 faces criticism as reports emerge of overheating problems, leading some to question the impact on device performance and the reasons behind it

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It seems the iPhone 15 is catching some heat, and not in a good way. Numerous early users have voiced concerns about the device overheating, with some mentioning temperatures rising to an uncomfortable 107°F after brief use.

Possible Culprits? Several theories are floating around.

YouTuber Faruk Korkmaz from iPhonedo points fingers at the Instagram app, demonstrating its effect on his iPhone’s temperature. Meanwhile, Android Authority observed the temperature rise while using a 65W USB PD GaN charger, which seemed to dissipate with a 15W charger – albeit with longer charging times.

Thermal imagery hints that the heat might be emanating from the iPhone’s A17 Pro chip, but it’s challenging to pin down the exact source just from the exterior.

Is it just a glitch? Historically, both iPhone models and iOS versions have had their share of initial hiccups. While it’s common knowledge that phones heat up while charging, the chip’s throttling suggests there might be a thermal management concern on Apple’s part.

This could be a software glitch or maybe specific to some units, possibly due to an unusual level of background processes running.

How can you tell if your iPhone’s overheating? Your touch is the first indicator. If it feels excessively warm, that’s a sign. For a more precise assessment, tools like infrared thermometers or thermal cameras can help.

What’s the solution? Most likely, it’s a software concern that Apple will address in upcoming updates.

Experiencing the heat? The best immediate remedy is to switch off your iPhone and let it cool naturally. Avoid drastic measures like refrigerating your device – it might harm the battery. If you’re wary about charging, consider using different charging equipment or even wireless charging. Above all, if the issue persists, it’s wise to reach out to Apple directly.

While we hope for a fix soon, it’s advisable to be mindful of your iPhone’s temperature and unplug it from the charger if things get too hot.

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