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Meta Connect 2023: Where To Watch?

Join CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Meta's tech enthusiasts at Meta Connect 2023, where the virtual and real worlds converge for groundbreaking hardware and software revelations


Meta is all set to host Meta Connect 2023, a grand event that focuses on hardware and software innovations, live from its home base in Menlo Park, California. Scheduled for September 27-28, with the main event kicking off at 10 am PT on the first day, it promises to be an extravaganza of technological revelations and updates.

This year’s two-day event is creating a buzz particularly around the much-anticipated unveiling of the Meta Quest 3 headset. Beyond this major hardware revelation, the event is also expected to delve deep into various AI and software advancements that Meta has been working on, shedding light on the enhancements and developments in both the Metaverse and the company’s suite of hardware.

Interestingly, Meta Connect 2023 marks a return to in-person showcases for the company, a format that had been shelved during the pandemic. The keynote address by CEO Mark Zuckerberg is likely to be the focal point, where most of the groundbreaking announcements are expected. Following this, the Developer State of the Union presentation is on the agenda, featuring the latest nuggets of information from Reality Labs for the developer community immersed in Meta’s XR ecosystem.

For those of you eagerly waiting to tune in, Meta has facilitated various means. You can catch the live action on Facebook through Meta’s livestream, or opt to attend virtually by signing up to receive real-time news and updates directly. If you’re already equipped with a Meta Quest headset, the Horizon Worlds app is your gateway to experiencing the keynote in 3D.

The event has been under the limelight since the teaser of Meta Quest 3 last year at Connect 2022, followed by Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement. Although the hardware unveiling is stealing the spotlight, software innovation is definitely not taking a backseat. The event is anticipated to showcase a gamut of software enhancements, extending Meta’s footprint in AI and the evolving Metaverse.

When it comes to expectations, the Meta Quest 3 is certainly topping the charts. While the announcement of this successor to Meta Quest 2 is confirmed, the tech community is on the edge of their seats regarding the upgrades and specifications that this new model will embody. The speculation is rife, and the anticipation is high, especially around the new VR games and software tailored to harness the Quest 3’s superior performance.

Meta has also been in the news for its strides in AR (Augmented Reality) technology. The absence of a dedicated AR device till now has fueled speculations that this year’s Connect might finally see an announcement in this domain. The idea of augmented reality glasses from Meta is floating around, although there’s no official word yet, and the rumor mill regarding specs and features is buzzing.

Adding another layer of excitement is Meta’s prospective collaborations and integrations. A partnership with Microsoft has been in the pipeline, and this event might witness the optimization of Microsoft Office programs for the Quest hardware platform, a collaboration that was initially announced at Connect 2022. The possibility of Xbox gaming entering the realm of virtual reality through Meta is also in the air, teasing the audience with prospects yet to be detailed.

In a nutshell, Meta Connect 2023 is not just a stage for unveiling new hardware, but a holistic platform that encapsulates the evolution and future of technology, AI, and virtual reality. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a developer, or just curious, tuning in to this event is diving into a world where the virtual and the real coalesce, and where the boundaries of innovation are pushed, reshaped, and reimagined.

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