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LinkedIn harnesses AI to simplify job candidate search for businesses

LinkedIn is also implementing similar tools aimed at assisting sales professionals in their quest for potential clients.

Professional social networking site LinkedIn on Tuesday announced the integration of artificial intelligence into its platform to simplify the task of finding suitable job candidates for firms and recruiters. The company has been using technology from ChatGPT-parent OpenAI to develop these features, Reuters reported.

One of the standout features of LinkedIn’s latest updates is a natural language processing tool that enables recruiters to search for candidates by posing questions in plain English, according to media reports. This means that recruiters can ask specific questions in a natural language format, allowing for more precise and efficient candidate searches.

Furthermore, the AI-driven system analyzes profiles, job postings, and user behavior to provide personalized job recommendations to candidates. This not only benefits job seekers but also assists recruiters in finding the most suitable candidates quickly.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is implementing similar tools aimed at assisting sales professionals in their quest for potential clients, the Reuters report added. For this, the professional social media platform is launching an AI-powered tool designed to analyze a company’s website and generate marketing campaigns tailored to business-to-business products and services. These campaigns will subsequently be hosted on LinkedIn’s platform. LinkedIn does not plan to charge extra for the new features.

LinkedIn’s move towards AI-driven recruitment tools reflects the industry’s broader trend in harnessing technology to optimize talent acquisition. By simplifying the candidate search process, LinkedIn aims to facilitate more meaningful connections between employers and potential employees. This development marks a significant step towards a future where AI plays a central role in the hiring process.

Elsewhere, in June, the company’s chief product officer Keren Baruch said that they are planning to integrate generative artificial intelligence technology to help users write posts on the platform. The American professional networking company then said to have been testing the feature before rolling it out globally.

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