Linktree introduces ‘Payment Lock’, a feature to create paywalls for exclusive content

    Linktree, the “link in bio” startup has rolled out a new feature to help creators to monetize their content. The new ‘Payment Lock‘ feature will allow users to create paywalls for their exclusive content and then sell access to certain content, like PDFs, newsletters, messaging groups, or booking appointments. Currently, users can charge up to $150 for each Linktree URL.

    Linktree has become popular among social media users for links-in-bio tools to direct people to their other pages on some other platform. At present, it has nearly 30 million users with around 1.5 billion monthly unique visits to linked content. Over the last few months, the company has introduced more helpful tools for creators including a mobile app to update their page.

    “Payments weren’t built into the original infrastructure of the internet, so advertising became the primary way to make money online. For creators, this means relying on getting a ‘cut’ from advertisers or working directly with them to get paid. Both these methods only work when you have a large following,” the company said in its blog.

    To set up the ‘Payment Lock’, which is in beta version, users can link PayPal or Square account as a payment provider in their Linktree settings in just a few steps. If anyone opens up a Payment Lock, users will be notified. After the purchase, an email will be sent to the address associated with the creator’s Linktree account and will include the time of purchase and which document was unlocked. The new feature isn’t available to Linktree users on the free plan. Also, creators aren’t allowed to use it to charge for adult content. “Payment Lock cannot be used to sell or distribute adult content,” the company says in its blog.

    In July, the company also partnered with TikTok, allowing creators on the platform to curate a selection of their videos on their Linktree page.



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