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London Start-Up The Tyre Collective Offers Solution to Tyre Wear Pollution

The Tyre Collective, a London-based start-up, uses electrostatics and airflow to capture up to 60% of released tyre particles for reuse, reducing tyre pollution and creating a more sustainable vehicle lifecycle

tyre collective

The air we breathe and the water that surrounds us are being polluted by tiny pieces of plastic, known as microplastics. These particles cannot biodegrade, so they accumulate in our environment where toxins can leach into it from these dangerous pollutants – much of which is caused by tyre wear! Fortunately, however, a London-based startup has developed groundbreaking technology to capture these microscopic hazards before more damage is done.

With a mission to reduce global tyre pollution, three former students from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art banded together in 2020 to form The Tyre Collective. Through their revolutionary invention – which uses electrostatics and airflow – they are able to capture up to 60% of released tyre particles for reuse as micronised rubber for a variety of applications like 3D printing, shoe soles or soundproofing. This ingenious startup has created an effective closed-loop system that could potentially have a far-reaching positive impact on our environment.

The Tyre Collective has ambitious goals to revolutionize the logistics industry. Starting with delivery and maintenance vans, they are determined to upgrade fleets all over by providing their innovative device across different vehicle segments – particularly within electric vehicles. To make this a reality, The Tyre Collective is on the search for partners who will lead larger trials of their technology as well as OEMs interested in incorporating it into production.

Although the importance of reducing tyre wear pollution has often been overlooked, it is a crucial component for achieving zero-emission mobility. This opens up an attractive and untapped opportunity for cleantech companies to innovate in order to create more sustainable vehicle lifecycles.


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