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Netflix Skips Stand-Alone App for Vision Pro Launch

Netflix will not have a dedicated app for the Vision Pro headset, even though Apple has announced that multiple streaming apps will support the headset

Vision Pro

With the US release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset scheduled for February, Netflix has opted not to create a stand-alone software for the device. There isn’t a specific app for Vision Pro customers on the streaming service, which is now available on Apple’s iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices. As with Mac computers, members will instead need to stream material through a web browser. 

Users of Vision Pro are hampered by this decision in a few ways, such as the inability to allow offline downloads, the lack of available “Environments,” which prohibits users from viewing content with immersive backgrounds.

Netflix Absence: Impact on User Experience

Netflix reportedly decided against developing a dedicated app for Vision Pro in order to comply with Apple’s policy about web browser-based content streaming on Mac computers. The user experience could be impacted by this choice, though, as some features and settings might not be available on other platforms. 

The change serves as a reminder of the difficulties and choices streaming services must make when adjusting to novel and specialized gadgets, particularly ones with distinctive features and user interfaces like Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

Vision Pro’s Streaming Limitations

The most popular streaming service in the world, Netflix, has said that it would not have a dedicated app for the Vision Pro headset when it launches, even though Apple has announced that multiple streaming apps will support the headset. Among the apps that are supported are TikTok, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount. At $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro gives customers access to 150 3D films, including well-known ones like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Avatar: The Way of Water. Spatial Audio enhances the immersive viewing experience.

However, the lack of Netflix, a significant participant in the streaming market, from the headset’s supported app list at launch may deter users looking for a full-featured streaming experience. Netflix users on the Vision Pro will have to rely on web browser streaming, much like the experience on Mac computers, while other streaming providers are expected to release specialized apps. 

Some disadvantages of this restriction include the inability to allow offline downloads, limited options for video quality, and the inaccessibility of “Environments” for background immersive experiences.

Apple’s Vision Pro and Streaming

The fact that Netflix was left off of Apple’s original list of dedicated applications highlights the difficulties in working together between tech companies and streaming services. When the Vision Pro is released in areas outside of the US, it is unclear if Netflix will change its mind. 

The lack of Netflix, a major content provider, could sway the choices of prospective customers and create confusion about how tech firms and streaming services interact when it comes to content delivery through specialized devices.

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