OpenAI to launch GPT Store next week

    After a long delay, American artificial intelligence firm OpenAI is finally gearing up to launch its innovative GPT Store next week. This platform, eagerly awaited by developers and AI enthusiasts alike, will offer a unique space for users to sell and share their custom AI agents, which are built on the sophisticated GPT-4 language model.

    OpenAI, the brains behind AI sensations like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and DALL-E 3, has reached out to its GPT Builders community, urging them to ensure their AI agents comply with established brand guidelines and encouraging wide accessibility. To participate, the AI company has asked creators to follow specific guidelines:

    1. Review and comply with the updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines.
    2. Verify their Builder Profile by enabling their name or a verified website in the settings.
    3. Publish their GPT as ‘Public,’ noting that GPTs set to ‘Anyone with a link’ will not be included in the store.

    The GPT Store, first announced during OpenAI’s Developer Conference last year, represents a major step forward in the democratization of AI technology. It empowers ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers to craft specialized AI agents capable of tasks ranging from decoding internet slang to facilitating complex negotiations. While these custom AI tools have been accessible via the Explore tab of ChatGPT Plus, the new storefront will enable creators to not only distribute but also potentially monetize their innovative AI solutions. However, specifics regarding compensation for creators based on their agents’ usage remain under wraps.

    Meanwhile, the journey to this moment has not been without its hurdles. Originally scheduled for a November debut, the GPT Store’s launch was postponed due to a series of leadership shifts at OpenAI. Most notably, the company experienced a brief yet significant change in leadership when Sam Altman stepped down as CEO, only to be reinstated shortly thereafter. In a memo cited by Axios in December, OpenAI addressed its developer community, stating, “While we had expected to release (the GPT Store) this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy!” The memo also highlighted ongoing improvements to the GPTs.


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