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Samsung teases Galaxy Ring in Unpacked 2024: Expected specs

Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring towards the end of its S24 Unpacked event. Its features and release date remains unknown as of now

Samsung Galaxy Ring

South Korean tech giant Samsung, teased the new health tracking Galaxy Ring device during their Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday, January 17 2024.

All through the event, the company launched their various ideas; Right from the new Galaxy s24 series to the launch of Galaxy AI, the teaser video of the wearable was showcased in Samsung Health presentation by the company’s clinical research scientist Dr. Matthew Wiggins. Although the Galaxy Ring’s features or the release date remains unknown, a quick look at the Galaxy Ring reveals three sensors on the inside of the smart wearable, and given existing offerings in both other health-tracking rings and Samsung’s own Galaxy Watch, here are some of the expected specifications.

Galaxy Ring: Expected specs

One of the primary features of the Galaxy Ring will be a heart rate monitor as that is the most basic functionality of most of wearable devices of today. Along with this the device may also feature a more precise step tracker when compared with the Galaxy Watch. Speculations include that this ring may be able to actively track advanced cardiological functions like blood pressure, and oxygen levels (spO2) that may test Samsung’s ability to secure the wearable, an FDA authorization as a certified medical device.

A sneak-peek at the array of sensors on the Galaxy Ring in the short presentation likely poses optical sensors for the afore mentioned functions. Interestingly, a bump on the side of the Galaxy Ring may likely be, a temperature gauge. Samsung might also introduce a skin temperature sensor, especially if the wearer would want to wear the ring all day. Changes in the skin temperature can actually accompany illnesses or stress levels, and they’re also part of the regular sleep process. That being said, the ring might also feature an effective sleep tracker that most people would alternate over from wearing bulky smartwatches to sleep at night. It makes sense that the Galaxy Ring could track sleep more effectively.

Nonetheless, Samsung seems to have incorporated the features of the Galaxy Watch 6 that was launched in 2023 into the more compact Galaxy Ring. In comparison with other smart rings of today this device does not have seem to have a visible circuit board upon the first glance, and its glossy finish seems less interrupted and appears to be a more elegant style statement. With that being said, the Galaxy Ring comprising of only sensors and no screen may cost less than the Galaxy Watch but slightly more than the Galaxy smart Bands but we would only know more to the Galaxy ring speculations only once the ring is released, globally.

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