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Snapchat+ enhances user experience with AI-driven Snap creation and sharing


Multimedia messaging application Snapchat announced on Tuesday that it will now let Snapchat+ subscribers to generate and share AI-created snaps. The company has started rolling out these new features and their regional availability may vary.

Snapchat+ users now have access to an innovative AI image generator that can create and send a Snap with a single prompt. By selecting the “AI” button on their screen, subscribers can prompt the app to create images from descriptions like “a sunny day at beach” or design their own unique scenarios. These AI-generated visuals can be edited, downloaded, and shared, offering a personalized touch to digital interactions.

Moreover, the platform’s ‘Dream’ selfie feature, which lets users transform their selfies into fantastical scenarios, has been expanded. Subscribers can now include friends in these AI-generated selfies, creating shared dreamscapes, such as both appearing as mermaids in a photo. Each month, subscribers receive a complimentary pack of eight Dreams, adding to the app’s value proposition.

An additional AI-powered tool introduced is the ‘extend’ feature. It addresses common photography issues like overly zoomed-in shots. Users can now expand these images, with AI seamlessly filling in the background for a more complete picture.

“As with all of our features, we are committed to offering a safe, fun, and privacy-centric experience on Snapchat,” the company said in a blog.

These enhancements demonstrate Snapchat’s focus on AI-driven features. The app already offers AI-generated images for Bitmoji backgrounds and chat wallpapers and has integrated an AI chatbot for all users. Additionally, developers can now create filters using ChatGPT, further embedding AI into the Snapchat experience.

With over 7 million subscribers, Snapchat+ recently achieved its highest in-app revenue month, indicating robust growth and user engagement. These new features, while currently rolling out globally, might have varied regional availability. Snapchat’s continued investment in AI not only enriches user interactions but also positions the platform at the forefront of AI application in social media.

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