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Meta’s Microblogging Platform ‘Threads’ Introduces Following Feed

Users must update their Threads app on their iOS or Android smartphones to the latest version to access the feature.


In the latest update to Threads, Meta’s newest text-based microblogging platform, users can now enjoy a Following tab, granting them the ability to see posts from users they have followed on the platform. Introducing this much-requested feature comes in response to user feedback and makes Threads more comparable to its competitor, ‘X’, which also offers a chronological feed.

The new Following feed is easy to access; users must update their Threads app on their iOS or Android smartphones to the latest version. The feature is gradually being enabled for all accounts, so it may take some time to be available to all users. Once enabled, users can switch to the chronological timeline by tapping on the home button or the Threads logo at the top of the app. The app will then display two tabs, “For You” and “Following,” with the latter showcasing posts in reverse chronological order.

However, one downside discovered by The Verge is that the app will automatically revert to the algorithmic feed when reopened. Meta has clarified that the algorithmic timeline is the default experience upon opening the Threads app, and users will need to select the Following feed regularly manually.

In addition to the Following feed, Threads has also introduced a translation feature. This feature automatically translates posts based on the language they are written in and the user’s language settings.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, which is part of Meta, has confirmed that the company is actively working on a web version of Threads. This much-awaited feature will allow users to access the platform from their desktop, providing greater convenience and accessibility.

The latest update also includes several other improvements to the user experience. Users can now see posts they’ve liked in their settings, and the Activity feed has new categories to sort content, allowing filtering by Follows, Quotes, and Reposts. Additionally, users with private accounts can now approve follow requests in one go with the new “approve all” option.

The microblogging platform Threads has been experiencing rapid development since its launch. While it initially soared to 100 million users within days, usage numbers have since declined. However, the addition of the highly-requested Following feed and other new features may help reignite interest in the platform.

As Meta continues to refine Threads, users can expect more significant improvements on the horizon, such as an edit button, multi-account support, and integration with ActivityPub. The platform remains a work in progress, and Meta is actively listening to user feedback to shape its future.

Meta’s Threads presents an attractive alternative for users who desire a more classic Twitter experience amid X’s ongoing transitions involving payments, banking, and video. As X grapples with its brand identity, Threads seeks to attract users who value a straightforward, chronological feed and a familiar UI.

While the introduction of the Following feed on Threads has been met with excitement from users, it highlights a significant difference in user preferences compared to Instagram’s platform. On Instagram, users have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the algorithmic feed, which often shows recommended posts rather than a straightforward chronological timeline. Many Instagram users have expressed frustration at missing out on the latest posts from accounts they follow and feeling disconnected from real-time updates. The addition of the Following feed on Threads caters to those users who value a more transparent and chronological display of content, providing a refreshing alternative to the algorithmic experience that has been a point of contention on Instagram.

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