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xAI’s Grok to be made available to Premium subscribers, Musk says

Grok AI was previously bundled with X's Premium+ subscription plan and is now expanded to a cheaper Premium plan.

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Social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, will soon expand the services of the Grok AI chatbot to Premium subscribers of the platform. Without specifying the exact date and any other details, Elon Musk, the owner of X and xAI, said on Wednesday that Grok will be enabled for all Premium subscribers later this week.

Grok, like other existing chatbots like ChatGPT, responds to texts, generates content, and holds conversations, among others. Known for its wit and rebellious nature, xAI’s Grok promises a fresh approach to AI conversations. It is currently available in 48 countries, including India. The chatbot’s foundation lies in the Grok-1 large language model, a product of continuous development and refinement. Musk, at the forefront of this venture, positions Grok as a “maximum truth-seeking AI” with the unique advantage of real-time access to information through the X platform.

The AI chatbot was previously bundled with X’s Premium+ subscription plan and is now expanded to a cheaper Premium plan. Subscribers of X’s basic plan will still not be able to try their hands on Grok AI. Meanwhile, the news comes just days after Musk made its large language model Grok-1 available in open source, allowing for both research and commercial usage.

X’s subscription plans

The social media platform, which Musk bought in a $44 Billion Deal in 2022, offers three subscription plans – Basic, Premium, and Premium+. The Basic plan includes features like editing posts, longer posts and longer video uploads, reply prioritization, text formatting, bookmark folders, custom app icons, and more. It costs around Rs 245 per month in India and Rs 2,590 annually.

In addition to all the features that the Basic plan offers, the Premium subscription plan lets you have a checkmark along with reduced ads, access to apply for ads revenue sharing and creator subscriptions, larger reply prioritization, ID verification, Media Studio, and more. This costs Rs 650 a month and Rs 6,800 per annum in India.

Meanwhile, with the high-end Premium+ subscription you enjoy all the features of the Premium plan along with additional benefits like no ads in the For You and Following timelines, largest reply prioritization, Articles, and access to Grok, which is now said to be expanded to Premium members as well. Premium+ costs Rs 1,300 per month and Rs 13,600 per year in the country.

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