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WhatsApp Beta Update Allows Group Video Calls with 15 Participants

WhatsApp has recently rolled out features including the option to use the same account on multiple devices, the ability to edit messages, and the introduction of a lock option for individual chats.


WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta, has introduced a new feature in its beta version for Android users, enabling them to make group video calls with up to 15 participants. Previously, users could only initiate group video calls with seven participants and had to manually add more members after the call had started. With the latest update, WhatsApp aims to simplify the process of hosting larger group video calls and enhance user experience.

The increased participant limit, available in newer WhatsApp beta versions for Android, comes as a significant improvement for users who frequently engage in group video calls with friends, family, or colleagues.

To start a group video call with the new feature, WhatsApp users need to open the calls tab within the app and select the “create call” button at the top. From there, they can choose the option to start a new group video call and select up to 15 participants from their contact list. Once the call commences, participants can still be added up to the maximum limit of 32 participants.

While the increased participant limit is a notable enhancement for Android beta users, WhatsApp has not made any official announcements regarding its general rollout for all users. As with beta updates, the rollout will be gradual, and it may take some time before all users can access the new feature.

In addition to the group video call update, WhatsApp has introduced another useful feature for all users, regardless of whether they are on the beta version or not. Users can now send messages to phone numbers without having to save them as contacts. This new feature streamlines the messaging process and eliminates the need for workarounds, such as tapping a shared number in a chat or entering a URL in a browser. All that’s required is tapping the new message button on the main WhatsApp screen, entering the desired phone number, and hitting the chat button next to the search result.

As WhatsApp continuously strives to meet user demands and expectations, it has been frequently rolling out new features in recent years. Some of these features include the option to use the same account on multiple devices, the ability to edit messages, and the introduction of a lock option for individual chats.

WhatsApp beta users can access the latest updates by joining the beta program on the Google Play Store or by downloading the latest beta APK release from APKMirror. Meanwhile, iOS users will have to wait until the company officially announces the rollout of the enhanced group video call feature for their platform.

With these new features, WhatsApp remains one of the favorite messaging apps on Android, offering not only text communication but also audio and video calling capabilities. Despite not being as feature-rich as some other platforms, such as Google Meet, WhatsApp’s ability to host group video calls with up to 32 participants has made it a reliable choice for many users.

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