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The Unboxed August-September 2021 issue is now out! Here’s what you will find inside

Unboxed Aug-Sep 2021

Is autonomous driving or self-driving tech going to become a reality anytime soon? Or are we just believing the hype because, well, who doesn’t want to see self-driven cars become a reality? Pick up Unboxed’s current issue to find out. Another development in mobility—the Ford F-150 Lightning—is on the menu, along with Beta Technologies, one of the frontrunners in developing commercially viable electric aircrafts. In the review section, we bring to you the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro and the Oneplus Nord CE. When it comes to consumer tech, we also have all the updates from Apple’s and Google’s respective developer conferences. 

Full Self-Driving

Our cover story answers all questions on when the world can expect to see fully self-driven vehicles on the roads, what that would even look like, and more. 

Is It a Drone? Is It a Plane?

The electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft or eVTOL is turning out to be the third revolution in aviation, and we’re here for it. Come and take a closer look at Beta Technologies’ version and what it offers.

Autonomous Waters

There’s a shiny new bot in town, and it’s called Saildrone. What do they do? Well, they basically sail around the world on their own before returning to the dock with data on the unexplored and mysterious depths of the ocean.

Epic vs. Apple

There are valuable insights to be learned from the Epic vs. Apple trial even though the war is over—for now. We bring to you what insiders are saying about the gaming ecosystem and the economics behind all of it.     

Femtech Innovations

The sub-sector of femtech is not defined by just period-tracking tech anymore. Some of these startups offer tech-based solutions for real-life issues faced by real women. Get to know them better in this issue.   

All this and a lot more! You can read it for free here. You can even find it on magzter here.

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