Amazon eyes streaming growth in India, acquires MX Player

    E-commerce giant Amazon acquires key assets from Indian video streamer MX Player. The deal, valued under $100 million, is aimed to bolster Amazon's streaming service & target budget-conscious audiences in smaller towns.

    Trump Joins TikTok, amidst TikTok VS US ban: Reverses his previous stance on the platform he once tried to ban

    Ex-US Prez, Donald Trump joins TikTok, amassing 1.7M followers despite once seeking to ban the app. His first video features UFC CEO Dana White. Move targets younger voters.

    ICQ bids goodbye after being around for almost 30 years. Here’s why

    Instant messaging pioneer ICQ shuts down after 28 years. Launched in 1996, it boasted 100 million users at its peak. The service ended on June 26th 2024.

    Say Hello to Call Arc: The Future of Mobile Browsing Has Arrived

    Imagine querying your phone as if making a call – that's the innovative essence of Call Arc, the new standout feature from Arc Search

    What to Expect at Microsoft Build 2024: AI Innovations, Surface Showcases, and Windows 11

    Expect major announcements on AI, Surface hardware, and Windows 11 at Microsoft's upcoming Build 2024 event

    Google Search Introduces “Web” Filter as Focus Shifts Away from Web Results

    With the introduction of the AI Overview and the new "web" filter, Google Search is undergoing its most significant transformation yet, blending AI-generated content with options for conventional web searches

    Spotify Sparks Controversy by Making Song Lyrics a Premium Feature

    Spotify is locking lyrics behind a paywall, nudging free users to subscribe. Company's quiet confirmation hints at permanent change.

    Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety: Google Maps’ Latest Update Caters to EV Drivers’ Needs

    Google Maps' latest update brings relief to EV drivers with real-time data on charging stations, aiming to eradicate range anxiety once and for all

    TikTok’s New Photo App “TikTok Notes” Challenges Instagram Dominance

    In a bid to expand its social media empire, TikTok is reportedly developing "TikTok Notes," a photo-sharing app set to rival Instagram, according to recent reports and user notifications