ChatGPT Plus users get ‘turbo’ mode for optimized speed: Report

    The turbo mode is reportedly an upgraded, optimized version of the default mode and is meant for real-time applications.


    Several ChatGPT Plus users are reportedly getting a ‘turbo’ mode that is claimed to optimize the speed of response of the chatbot. The premium version of OpenAI’s AI conversational bot – ChatGPT Plus – was launched earlier this month in the United States.


    According to a report by The Indian Express, citing a screenshot by a user, currently, the turbo mode is in the alpha phase and only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The users of the premium service can switch between the two modes – default and turbo. However, some ChatGPT Plus users have reported that turbo has been set as a default mode for them. Regular ChatGPT users can use only the default mode.


    While some users noted an optimized speed using turbo mode, some reported low-quality responses. Some users also complained that the turbo mode does not generate more results than the default mode. Additionally, there are claims that turbo mode is an upgraded, optimized version of the default mode and requires minimal computational resources. It is meant for real-time applications.


    ChatGPT cannot process too many requests


    Earlier this month, OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus with a monthly subscription charge of $20. Currently, ChatGPT Plus is only available in the United States, and the Microsoft-backed company plans to roll out the service in other countries soon.


    The paid version includes additional features such as a faster response rate, priority access to the latest features, and access to ChatGPT even during peak times. Notably, while using it, the existing free version breaks down frequently, leading to long wait times for users.


    OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been in the limelight since its launch in November last year. Short for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, ChatGPT is a popular AI text generator and has been a center of attention for many due to its human-like response.


    Last month, American multinational tech giant Microsoft announced a “multibillion dollar investment” in OpenAI. While the actual amount and terms of the deal are still unclear, some reports suggest that Microsoft will invest $10 billion in OpenAI.


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