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Apple’s WWDC24 falls on June 10th: Here’s what we can expect

Apple announced the date of the yearly developer conference WWDC. With the WWDC24 airing on June 10th at 10:00AM, here is what we can expect.


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference called WWDC returns for its 2024 edition called WWDC24, kicking off a week later than usual on Monday, June 10th. The event will have a culminating in the highly anticipated keynote address. While the exact time hasn’t been revealed, the event will be live streamed for the first time and may traditionally be held at 10:00 AM PDT.

This year’s WWDC promises to be a free-for-all for developers, offering a glimpse into the future of Apple’s software ecosystem. Major announcements include a massive AI infused iOS18 for the iphones, along with iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and even visionOS updates. Apple promises in-depth insights into these advancements, along with access to their team of experts. Developers can also expect to learn about new tools, frameworks, and features designed to elevate their app and game creations. With that being said, here’s what we can look forward to, during WWDC24.

iOS 18 Update


Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update promises to be a game-changer, tipped as the most significant update in years. Described by Apple itself as “ambitious and compelling,” iOS 18 goes beyond bug fixes and performance tweaks, ushering in an era of generative AI integration. Imagine an Apple Music experience that curates playlists based on your mood and listening habits. This is just one example of how AI will enhance built-in apps.

The Pages and Keynote apps may soon boast AI-powered writing assistants, streamlining your workflow. Developers will also benefit – Apple’s Xcode development platform is rumored to gain AI features, making coding a more efficient process. Apple said that the update isn’t just about productivity as Apple Maps is getting a revamp, with support for topographic maps and the ability to save custom routes as this suite of features, powered by AI, hints at a more personalized and intuitive user experience. We can expect Apple to unveil the full potential of iOS 18, showcasing how AI will transform the way we interact with our iPhones and iPads. The new OS might even bring a change in the design and layout of the iPhone, such as customisable home screens, icons and widgets.

The AI integrated M3 and A18 Bionic Chips


Apple’s recent M3 chip reveal for the latest MacBook Air hinted at a growing focus on artificial intelligence. But the story doesn’t end there as speculation runs rampant about the chip’s potential expansion and the arrival of its mobile counterpart the A18 Bionic chip for the yet to be released iPhone 16. Furthermore A18 chipset is expected to be equipped with a powerful neural engine, and is reported to have a 6-core GPU. The A18 chip will allow for more powerful and efficient AI performance.

An unofficial illustration of the A18 chipset

The M3 chip is poised to deliver substantial performance enhancements, with Apple claiming up to a 60% speed increase over the M1 MacBook Air and a staggering 13-fold improvement over the Intel-based models. Such advancements are not just numbers but promise significant real-world benefits. Apple has highlighted that games like No Man’s Sky could see up to 60% faster performance, and video editing in Final Cut Pro might also benefit from similar speed improvements. These improvements suggest that the new MacBook Air models are not only more efficient but could potentially offer a viable gaming experience and enhanced video editing capabilities, a notable leap from their predecessors.

iPhone 16

Apple’s next-gen iPhone is on the horizon, and whispers of a significant overhaul are swirling. A breakdown of the rumoured features suggests that the base iPhone 16 might retain its familiar form factor like the iPhone 15, while the Pro models are rumoured to flaunt larger displays – a potential 6.3-inch screen for the Pro and a whopping 6.9-inch behemoth for the Pro Max. Apple is also said to be cooking up advancements in display technology, with micro-lens tech promising an even better OLED experience. The A18 chip, long a topic of speculation, is expected to be the heart of the iPhone 16.

This chip, potentially accompanied by a Pro variant for premium models, promises not just raw power but also improved thermal management and battery efficiency. The iPhone 16 Pro models might boast a dedicated “capture button” for the expected 48MP ultrawide lens and a 5x optical zoom tetraprism camera. Battery life woes might become a thing of the past. The iPhone 16 is rumored to adopt a new stacked battery design, translating to faster charging speeds and extended use. Imagine a day free from battery anxiety – that’s the promise Apple might be making with the iPhone 16.

MacOS 15


Apple’s WWDC 2024 is shaping up to be a showcase of AI advancements, with Siri receiving a major overhaul. Expect a more conversational virtual assistant that learns your preferences and adapts its responses across all your Apple devices. MacOS 15 users will benefit from improved Siri integration within the Messages app, while the Shortcuts app gains deeper functionality for automating complex tasks. ‌MacOS 15‌ will be previewed at the ‌event on Monday, June 10. The first beta will be provided to developers on the same day, and a public beta will likely be released soon.

Rumours of a generative AI-powered chatbot are slim, but Apple might leverage this technology for system features. Accessibility features are getting a voice boost with customizable voice shortcuts, and Live Speech transcripts might soon be categorized for easier management. A potential “Scenes” feature in MacOS 15 could further streamline navigation within boards. Overall, WWDC 2024 hints at a future where AI personalizes and simplifies the way we interact with Apple devices.

An enhanced Siri


The company is expected to showcase major advancements in artificial intelligence during the WWDC 2024. Rumours suggest that a significant portion of focus will be on Siri, the company’s virtual assistant. This could include features that enhance Siri’s conversational abilities and personalize responses based on user interaction. Additionally, reports suggest a tighter integration between Siri and other Apple apps, such as Messages, potentially leading to a more streamlined user experience. Furthermore, Apple confirmed that “Hey Siri” prompt will be replaced by just uttering the word “Siri” for users.

WatchOS 11



While details are scarce, rumors suggest watchOS 11 might be a minor update focused on Siri improvements. This could stem from Apple’s reported integration of a Large Language Model in iOS 18, potentially enhancing Siri’s capabilities on Apple Watch. Additionally, if iOS 18 adopts RCS messaging support, watchOS 11 might follow suit. Compatibility is yet to be confirmed, but the Apple Watch Series 4 might be discontinued with this update. We’ll continue to update this section as more information about watchOS 11 surfaces.


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