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India mulls adoption of common charger for all devices; next meeting on Aug. 17

The move by the Indian government to adopt a common charger for all devices comes after the European Union, in June, finalized a similar deal.


On August 17, the Indian government will discuss the possibility of adopting standard chargers for electronic gadgets including smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices with industry experts.


The meeting is supposed to explore the prospect of banning the use of numerous charges across the nation, according to reports in the media. In addition to preventing e-waste, this will lessen the burden on consumers, according to the reports, which cited a government official.


The move by the Indian government comes after the European Union, in June, finalized a deal on single charging ports for phones, tablets, and headphones by 2024. The deal is the first in the world and has materialized after more than a decade of pushing by EU lawmakers. It also comes amid prolonged criticism by consumers about needing different chargers for Android and iPhones, wherein the former requires a lightning cable while most Android devices need USB Type-C connectors.


According to the European Parliament, USB Type-C will become the common charging port for all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras by the autumn of 2024. The move by EU lawmakers will bring around EUR 250 million (i.e., approximately Rs. 2,075 crores) of savings to consumers. A similar demand for a common charging port is sprouting in the U.S. as well.


The official was further quoted in the media as saying that if tech companies can operate in Europe and the US, why not in India? India may turn into a depository for such goods if the nation does not strive for this transformation.


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