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LinkedIn to integrate generative AI to help write posts

Users can review, edit and enhance the post before the final posting on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is planning to integrate generative artificial intelligence technology to help users write posts on the platform. The American professional networking social media company said it is testing the latest feature before rolling it out globally.


“When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, we’ve heard that you generally know what you want to say, but going from a great idea to a full fledged post can be challenging and time consuming. So, we’re starting to test a way for members to use generative AI directly within the LinkedIn share box,” the company’s chief product officer Keren Baruch said.


To use the latest integration, users will need to outline their thoughts and perspective in 30 words which will be the core of that LinkedIn post. Following this, they can leverage generative AI to create a first draft. Users can review, edit and enhance the post before the final posting.


Meanwhile, generative AI has garnered the attention of various industries following the success of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT. Generative AI refers to algorithms and models that can generate new content, such as images, music, text, or even entire virtual environments, that closely resemble human-created content. From art and design to entertainment to healthcare, this technology has found applications in various domains.



Last month, LinkedIn released a set of new AI-powered features intended to improve various aspects of the platform. To recap, the Microsoft-owned social media company introduced AI-generated messages in LinkedIn Recruiter that help potential candidates create personalized InMail messages based on the data in their profiles. This not only makes the outreach more tailored but also expedites the interaction between recruiters and suitable candidates.


In addition, LinkedIn also added AI capabilities to create and enhance job descriptions. For candidates, better job descriptions would mean more relevant jobs. For recruiters, the feature would help to generate a customizable job description. Furthermore, the company has implemented an AI tool that offers personalized writing suggestions by identifying key skills and experiences and recommending ways to present them in users’ About and Headline sections. This AI-powered tool helps in profile building and offers a more user-friendly experience.


Elsewhere, LinkedIn announced last month to slash 716 jobs and shut down its China-focused job application, InCareers. The move comes as demand wavers amid a weakening global economic outlook.

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