Meta introduces new features for Instagram, Facebook Reels: all details

    Meta rolled out more video-centric features at a time when there is social media outrage amongst users who believe that the company is attempting to mimic TikTok.


    Meta, an American multinational tech giant, introduced new Reels features for Instagram and Facebook yesterday. From adding stickers to crossposting between both social media platforms, let’s take a quick look at Meta’s new updates:


    Add your sticker


    Following a prompt or a certain topic, the “Add Yours” sticker for reels on both social media platforms will allow users to respond to other users reels with their own. Users will also be able to see who started the prompt to give credit to the original creator. The feature was introduced for Insta stories last year and now has been extended to reels.


    (Image Source: Facebook)
    Image Source Facebook


    Creator Studio insights for Facebook Reels


    Here, creators will be able to track how well their reels are doing on Facebook. This will be in terms of reach, minutes viewed and average watch time.


    (Image Source: Facebook)
    Image Source Facebook


    Stars on Facebook Reels


    Meta is expanding this feature called “Stars” to all eligible creators. Launched in June to select creators, this feature gives creators the ability to earn money, while users can show support to their favourite creators. Now, to be able to use this feature, creators must meet the following:

    -They must have 1,000 or more followers for at least 60 consecutive days

    -Be located in one of the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

    -Be compliant with the company’s partner monetisation policies as well as community standards.


    (Image Source: Facebook)
    Image Source Facebook


    Reels Remix: Add your own spin to your favourite reel


    In Reels Remix, users can sequentially show their own clip following the original reel. Here, users have the option to remix either via recording their reel side-by-side with the creator’s reel or by adding their video at the end of the original reel.


    (Image Source: Facebook)
    Image Source Facebook


    Crossposting from the Gram to Facebook


    Another new addition to expand the reach of reels is the ability to post the ones uploaded on Instagram simultaneously on Facebook. This will aid creators in not only reaching the masses across both platforms but also participating in monetization programs offered by the two.


    (Image Source: Facebook)
    Image Source Facebook


    Turn stories and memories into auto-created reels


    Meta will let users compile reels from previously shared Facebook stories in this feature. Given the company’s very evident tilt towards becoming more video-centric, this feature will help users easily create reels from memories.


    (Image Source: Facebook)
    Image Source Facebook


    These features come at a time when there is social media outrage amongst users who believe that Meta is attempting to mimic TikTok, a Chinese short video-sharing app. Limited interactions from users’ own family and friends are adding to the users’ frustration and fuelling campaigns asking to “make Instagram Instagram again” and giving rise to apps like BeReal.


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