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Nio ET9’s Active Suspension Seems to Shake Off Accumulated Snow In Viral Video

The core of Nio's intelligent chassis technology is the "Sky Ride," an apparatus that contains four specialized hydraulic pumps that each drive a wheel independently.

Nio ET9

The Chinese automaker’s flagship EV, the Nio ET9, is causing a stir in the automotive world, especially its “Sky Ride” sophisticated chassis system. Nio demonstrated the system’s capabilities in a recent video that was uploaded on the Chinese social media site Weibo. The automobile was shown to be able to remove snow and ice from its bodywork on its own without the need for human assistance.

ET9’s automated snow removal skills are demonstrated in Nio’s Weibo video

The Nio ET9 stands apart from its rivals, including the Tesla Model S and Porsche Panamera, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. The active suspension system’s usefulness is demonstrated in the video, along with its potential uses in a range of situations. Nio’s demo is based on practical use, in contrast to certain heavily computer-generated imagery promotional materials.

Four hydraulic pumps power Nio’s revolutionary “Sky Ride” technology

The core of Nio’s intelligent chassis technology is the “Sky Ride,” an apparatus that contains four specialized hydraulic pumps that each drive a wheel independently. This demonstrates the suspension’s adaptability in many scenarios by enabling precise control and modification. Not only can the system easily shrug off snow and ice, but it can also keep the car’s body level when driving over uneven ground. 

This improves the car’s performance and makes the ride for the occupants more comfortable and seamless.

One particularly amazing video shows the Nio ET9 going over speed bumps while posing as a waiter and demonstrating its capacity to carry a pyramid of glasses. This not only emphasizes the active suspension’s capacity to offer stability and balance, but also shows off some of its possible uses in non-conventional driving situations. Nio’s dedication to expanding the world of electric vehicle possibilities is demonstrated by the effective methods in which technology is integrated.

The high-frequency vibration test on the Nio ET9 is another impressive feature that shows off the wheels’ ability to bounce off the ground without upsetting the interior’s peaceful atmosphere. This is a testament to the painstaking engineering and attention to detail that Nio has put in place to guarantee not only performance but also a comfortable and quiet driving environment.

Nio ET9 boasts two motors, 697 horsepower, and a 120 kWh battery

The Mercedes EQS, BMW i7, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S, and Lucid Air are among the well-established competitors for the Nio ET9, which made its debut as a luxury flagship model last December. The ET9 is a strong competitor in the electric vehicle market thanks to its dual electric motor arrangement, which produces an amazing 697 horsepower, and its 120 kWh battery pack, which has ultra-fast charging capabilities. Its astounding attributes are not all that the ET9 offers.

With a starting price point of ¥800,000 (about US$111,140) in China, the Nio ET9 is priced competitively in the luxury EV market. With deliveries scheduled to begin in 2025, there is a strong sense of excitement about this revolutionary vehicle.

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