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Snapchat introduces Lens Creator Rewards in India; monthly rewards up to $7,200

Snapchat introduces Lens Creator Rewards in India
Makers of Snap Lens can submit new filters and also enroll older Lenses under the Lens Creator Rewards Program.


American multinational social media platform Snapchat introduced on Tuesday a new opportunity called ‘Lens Creator Rewards’ for Snap AR creators, Lens developers, and teams. Under this rewards program, makers of top-performing Lenses on Snapchat in India, the United States, and Mexico could earn up to $7,200 every month.


“We’re introducing Lens Creator Rewards, a new opportunity for Snap AR creators, developers, and teams to earn for building top-performing Lenses on Snapchat,” the company said in a blog. “This program is designed to celebrate the most creative Lenses that help Snapchatters express themselves and have fun with friends – from imaginative new looks to try on, to amazing AR scenes they can explore.”


The payouts are based on the total engagement Lenses accrued over a month in India, the United States of America, and Mexico. The Lens Creator Rewards initiative is open to new and existing Lens Studio community members from nearly 40 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, etc. In addition, there are no prerequisites to participating in Snap’s latest initiative, such as no minimum follower count on the platform or publishing requirements.


Makers of Snap Lens can submit new filters that will be published only after they are approved for following the company’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Developers can also enroll older Lenses that are already live on Snapchat under the Lens Creator Rewards Program. Lens creators whose Lens is among the top performing during the month and those eligible for the Lens Creator Rewards program will be notified in two ways. They will receive an email from the company about the countries in which their Lens has been selected for its performance and also get a Snapchat notification informing them that there is a payout.


Image Source: Snapchat
Image Source Snapchat


Further steps to receive the payout include navigating to the Snap Crystals Hub within the app which will have a notification of the pending reward and the amount of Crystals it has been rewarded. Just to recap, Crystals on Snapchat are awarded to eligible Creators who engage in payment-eligible activities on the platform and these can be cashed out. For the Lens Creator Rewards program, Crystals could take 14 days to become available in balance.

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