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Twitter Circle is now being released in phases

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Twitter has been widely rolling out the Circle feature across geographical regions. Twitter Circle allows users to handpick up to 150 users to tweet to, instead of all their followers on the platform. The feature seems very similar to Instagram’s Close Friends feature.

Earlier this month, Twitter had stated that it was testing the feature. However, not all users have received an option to tweet out to their ‘Circle’ yet, indicating that Twitter is most likely rolling it out in phases.

The Twitter Circle feature allows users to choose who they want to include in their Twitter Circle, and only individuals that have been added to the said Circle can interact with the tweets sent to a Circle. Users can access the feature when they are composing a tweet. The audience button now has a new Circle option for some users. Users can add or remove people from their Circle by tapping the edit button next to it. Similar to Instagram’s Close Friends, people won’t get notified when they get added or removed from someone’s Circle. Also, you’d get a green notice when you look at a tweet someone has posted to their Circle.


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