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    Meta AI arrives in India for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

    Meta has officially launched its AI assistant Meta AI platform in India. The tool, powered by the company's latest large language model (LLM) Llama...

    Instagram reportedly testing Unskippable Ads, and users hate it!

    Instagram is embroiled in controversy after rolling out a new feature called "Ad Breaks" to a limited number of users. According to reports surfacing...

    Instagram tightens controls on teen safety with enhanced ‘Limits’ feature

    Instagram now lets teens limit interactions to only those in their “Close Friends” group. Read on to know more.

    New Instagram Features Aim to Safeguard Young Users from Sextortion and Nudity

    Instagram, under Meta's ownership, has announced a set of robust features designed to shield users, especially youngsters, from the perils of intimate image abuse and sextortion

    TikTok’s New Photo App “TikTok Notes” Challenges Instagram Dominance

    In a bid to expand its social media empire, TikTok is reportedly developing "TikTok Notes," a photo-sharing app set to rival Instagram, according to recent reports and user notifications

    Yahoo acquires AI news app Artifact founded by Instagram creators

    Despite a short-lived run, Artifact's technology to power Yahoo's news personalization.

    Social Media Meltdown: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Go Dark

    A disruption of unprecedented scale hit the digital landscape as Meta's platforms faced a massive outage, rendering Facebook, Instagram, and Threads inaccessible for users worldwide, sparking concerns about its origins and implications

    Instagram testing ‘Flipside’, a feature for private sharing with selected friends

    Flipside offers a more integrated approach, letting users maintain a private section within their main profile, complete with its own profile picture, name, and bio.

    Instagram Users Can Now Download Public Reels with Creator Watermarks

    This Instagram feature, mirroring a similar function on TikTok, was first introduced in the United States in June.

    Instagram now let’s you share posts and reels with ‘Close Friends’

    Meta-owned photo and video-sharing platform Instagram has recently expanded its 'Close Friends' feature, now allowing users to share posts and Reels with a select...


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