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Mixo Review 2024 – Key Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Mixo is the tool that helps in building landing pages along with prioritizing the ideas of individuals and small enterprises. It is an AI-assisted process that allows its users to effectively develop their sites in a customized manner.

Key Takeaways


Mixo provides an advantage to its users by allowing them to create an attractive website that is appealing to the eyes of everyone who is reviewing it. Mixo works as a helping hand to small businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to use AI technology for website development.

The platform generates leads by accumulating email addresses that will assist your business expand shortly.

Additionally, the platform understands the audience’s needs thoroughly and optimizes their website according to their needs by giving additional features like customization choices, lead creation tools, and simple Google Analytics interactions.

Mixo offers an extensive number of customizable templates for your company’s needs. The platform has all the features you require for your website, including a response dashboard and the ability to create customizable layouts based on your desired brand identity.

The platform guarantees to serve its users with a wide range of price options. availability of customer support, integrated testing tools, and many more

AI-Powered Website Creation

Mixo has made it a very simple process to create any website while using AI technology. However,  from designing the opening page to launching the complete website Mixo has made it a very simple process for entrepreneurs, small business and start-up. 

How does Mixo AI work? 

With the help of artificial intelligence, the platform can easily generate personalized websites according to the requirement of the users while keeping in mind the current design trends along with the users preference.  The additional feature provided by Mixo is to optimize the visibility of the site is by integrating the SEO tool guarantee

Mixo AI’s benefits

One of the best advantages of the platform is saving time because it generates a fully functioning website in not more than a minute. Additionally, it also creates web designs according to the requirements and interest of an individual.

The platform also acts as a lead generation to which helps in gathering, email addresses which can help to grow your organization in the near future

Create attractive opening pages with Mixo

customizable website designs

Creating an attractive eye, catching the opening page can be very difficult sometimes. However, Mixo makes it very effortless by creating beautiful customisable website designs which very perfectly captures the goal of any business. The platform also gives the guarantee of making an opening page which can assure to give a lifetime remembrance impression With the motive to help their users, generate more sales and grow customer base

Customizable templates

Mixo provides a wide range of customisable templates for your business requirements The platform has everything you need for your website from response dashboard to creating customisable templates according to your brand identity goal. You can also choose your convenient color, balls fonts, images, and even the layout structure of your webpage

Email collection

Mixo makes it very accessible to gather emails. as it is very useful for the users for future lead generation. With the help of the platform, you can easily gather a wide range of information to see the improvement in conversation conversation rates as a result.  

Listed below are some ways through which the platform will expand your email list 

  • Mixo provides exclusive promotions to all its new subscribers
  • The platform also, growing the list of the subscribers by creating user friendly signup forms
  • The AI generate platform helps in optimize the time setting for sending emails which in future can maximize market effectiveness

Performance and endurance

  • Smart Software: Mixo always prioritizes the needs of its clients, and with this in mind, all of the apps that run on Mixo devices are extremely smart, which helps it allow its features to rapidly and efficiently make them appear appealing.
  • Tracking: The platform accurately keeps a track record of everything their clients are doing on their website.
  • Internet Connectivity: To ensure smooth functioning along with full access to the platform’s features, all customers should make sure all of their devices have a strong internet connection.
  • Customization: Mixo provides a wide range of templates that can be modified to meet the requirements of the company their clients run.
  • Robust and stable: Customers can effortlessly use all of the features of Mixo devices at any time or place in the world. These qualities can be easily used by everyone, regardless of their time and location.
  • Time Management: The platform saves plenty of time by enabling you to create a website in a matter of a few steps. Artificial intelligence is used to provide pre-designed templates, comprehensive websites, a variety of customization options, and SEO technologies that guarantee the efficacy and efficiency of your website.

Mixo’s Integrations

Mixo has now collaborated with Google, the widely used search engine in every part of the world. This feature focuses on the benefits that Mixo can assist you with quickly and can also help in researching online trends and data.

When Mixo and Google work together, you can easily find any kind of data directly from Google, which can later be used for new analyses and applications. Additionally, one can also keep track of all the activities of their competitors.

Mixo also has the ability to provide intelligent reviews and feedback from data through its Google integration. Due to this feature, all the clients of the platform get the benefit of identifying their drawbacks and making suggestions that can help them in the near future.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager with Mixo

Mixo can improve the functioning of your website as it makes full usage of Google tag manager and Google analytics. However, with the help of these tools the website can enable tracking data at an individual level along with keeping an eye on the website activity, which can improve the overall performance of the website

Setting up integration

Combination of Google analytics and Google tag manager is a very beneficial process which helps in easy access to the insights and valuable data. Additionally, this feature can also help in improvising the website performance and listing the drawbacks area which needs improvement. All of these functions can just be performed by few clicks any requirement of technical technical skills

Benefits of integration

Numerous advantages are being provided due to the integration of Google analytics and Google tag manager. 

  • Ability to track website traffic
  • Gain insights into visitor behavior
  • Optimize site performance
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Tracking tags without modification

The above mentioned features add so much value in the overall performance of a website. By using Google analytics and tag manager, you can simply improve your decision-making with the help of the platform features

Websites launching with Mixo

Website Launching

Mixo is an artificial intelligence that helps create a smooth process for website creation. It gives its users an advantage by allowing them to rapidly create an attractive website that is appealing to the eyes of everyone who is paying a visit. Additionally, the platform understands the audience’s needs thoroughly and optimizes their website according to their needs by giving additional features like customization choices, lead creation tools, and simple Google Analytics interactions.

Time-saving features

Time is an essence in today’s environment. However, the platform helps in saving tons of time by building a website in just a few steps as because of the help of artificial intelligence you get pre designed tablets, finished websites, various customisations along with SEO tools, which ensures effectiveness and efficiency in your website.

Success stories

Several individuals and several organizations have successfully build their online business with the help of the platform as it provides very useful features that are easy to use for all its users with the main motive to fulfill your needs and requirements

Security Features of Mixo

  • Encryption from end to end: All communications between the customer and their clients are always encrypted, and only the sender and recipient of the message have access to the messages.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Any person who is availing of the features of Mixo is provided with two layers of authentication every time before getting access to their account. Because it always maintains an additional password protection layer, their data is kept safe.
  • Security Training for Employees: Mixo always stands out by giving regular security training to its employees to educate them about the features related to potential security threats and also telling them the terms and conditions which are the best practices for protecting user data.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL): SSL is an essential feature that is provided by the platform that is used to build an encrypted communication between the user’s browser and the Mixo server, Additionally, giving guarantees that data transmitted between the two is private and secure.
  • Third-Party Security Assessments: Mixo continually analyzes its third-party service providers’ safety protocols which helps them find out that smooth functioning is taking place in the organization.

These are just a few additional security measures that Mixo provides to its customers to ensure smooth functioning and proper security. To avail all these benefits and features explore Mixo

Mixo Pricing and Plans: Finding the Perfect Fit

Mixo Pricing

Mixo offers a wide range of pricing policies to avail different sets of features in the platform. The plans can be helpful for an individual small organization and even any entrepreneur. The basic plan provided by the platform is a very great starting point for anyone as the rates are very reasonable as a starting point for you. Additionally, to enhance your online performance and presence, the pro plan offers a variety of customisation tools which helps in the overall overview of the website.

Plan options

There are two different types of plants provided by the platform to fulfill the goals and requirements of any individual and small organization. 

  • The Basic Site Plan is very affordable and offers individuals and small enterprises. Basic essential features start with the price range of $9/ month.
  • The Growth Site Plan provides individuals and small enterprises with variety of customisation tools which can improve the performance and presence of a website along with making sure to grow the engagement on the website by improving the functioning and appearance to the customers. The growth plans start with the price range of $19/ month. 
  • The Premium Site Plan provides a free domain for one year along with providing the opportunities more than 50+ websites. The premium suit plan starts with the price range of $39/ month.

Value for money

Money is a very valuable asset. In today’s time keeping this in mind, the platform provides various features which will always contribute towards the growth of your business. However, the platform also provides various discounts and special offers for its plans.

The application, not only focuses on saving the value of money, but also it ensures in establishing successful presence of your website to help complete your organization goal

Mixo Customer Service: A Supportive Community

Customer review

Mixo is a very successful business with its outstanding customer service. The platform has gained a reputation in the last couple of years for its professionalism towards its users. It does not come as a surprise that every individual has been recommending the platform for their website service

No matter what the concern of an individual and small business is facing regarding the website, you can always rely on the supportive team of the platform for any sort of assistance. They not only prioritize your difficulties but also ensure to find a solution within a short span of time.

Responsiveness and professionalism

The customer support surface of the platform is available 24/7 to assist you regarding your problems. You can reach out through an email or even a live chat. The responses of the platform are very fast as they wish to hold your hand in your success. They have been successfully committed to provide extraordinary customer support service which sets them apart from other website builders.

Real-life testimonials

Mixo has received endless appraisal from its users. All the individual entrepreneurs and small companies rely on the platform because of its user friendly features along with excellent customer support offices. Not only it helps the users take their business to a higher level, but it also creates a long-term relationship between the platform and its user.

Testing and Improving Mixo Sites: Continuous Growth

Mixo has made it very easy for its users to make improvements in their website. as the digital technology has taken upward progress the platform also helps in promoting continuous growth by utilizing the analytic tools and maintaining users feedback and working upon the areas which require improvement and helping the website gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Built-in testing tools

The platform gives access to a testing tool to users which makes it very simple to improve and evaluate the functioning of their website. Consumers also get an axis to adjust the functionality tools according to their needs and requirements along with getting access to design components. Additionally, the platform also Provides performance statistics tools which makes the website operate in a very effective and efficient manner along with the satisfaction of customers

Emphasis on feedback

Mixo, prioritizes the feedback given by the individuals and small small organizations keeping in mind that feedbacks are always concerned and improvement points. The platform welcome all the entrepreneurs and small organizations to new features and ideas which can be adapted by the platform in the near future, which will only help its users, the support team is always ready with open arms for new ideas.

Alternative’s of Mixo

  • Builder.ai: It is the next-generation app-building platform for any company or idea on the entire globe. The team of this platform focuses on enhancement of the productivity and efficiency in the workflows of its customer and the critical path with the help of it’s features.
  • Durable AI: It is an AI-powered software builder that assists in creating custom applications or websites that are grounded in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.
  • Limecube: It is an AI website builder with SEO features, intelligent design, and automated content generation that makes creating websites easier. Not requiring any coding experience, easily modify designs and content—ideal for small businesses.
  • miniapps.ai: It is a no-code platform that allows users to create, utilize, and share AI-powered applications. It includes chatbots and text generating tools, and it can be customized for different use cases. It also is anticipated to feature image and audio generators.
  • Optimo.ai: It is a free AI-powered marketing tool that allows companies to create Instagram captions, advertisements, and more with just one click. Along with that, all the registered customers have unlimited access to this product.
  • Lindo: This platform as many custom code options, AI SEO, and a content generator, Lindo is an effortless AI website builder for high-converting landing pages and marketing materials.
  • AIDA: Itis an AI-powered website builder and optimization tool that uses machine learning to analyze data, provide unique optimization suggestions, and improve website traffic and user interaction.


Pros and Cons of Mixo


  • Mixo offers a combination of special locks and codes that ensure the safety and security of your messages.

  • The Mixo app is easy to use, it is simple to use, and it has a variety of features to help you do your work efficiently.

  • Connect Friends: Mixo helps you stay connected with your friends by letting you send messages and share things. You can easily add new friends to your list so you can stay connected with them. Chat: Chat with your friends and family in real time. Share: Share photos, videos, and other content with your friends and family.

  • Mixo could offer several fun features such as stickers and filters that could make chatting more enjoyable.

  • Updates Regularly: Mixo might get new features and improvements from time to time that will make it even better.


  • Due to the fact that Mixo collects users’ personal information, some people may be concerned about their privacy.

  • Mixo is an internet-based application, which means that it cannot be used offline since you need a connection to the Internet to use it.

  • Mixo software might sometimes have bugs or problems that need to be fixed to work properly.

  • Addictive: Mixo, like any program, has the potential to become compulsive for certain users and lead to excessive usage.
  • Security Risks: There’s a chance that hackers could access your account and steal your data if Mixo’s security precautions don’t work.


Mixo is an AI-powered website creation platform that simplifies the process of creating a website for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers a range of features, including customization choices, lead creation tools, and simple Google Analytics interactions.

Mixo AI saves time by creating fully functioning websites in not less than minutes. Additionally, the platform helps in  creating attractive opening pages, and offering customizable templates. It also allows users to gather emails for future lead generation and to optimize time settings for sending emails. The platform also integrates Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, enabling tracking data at an individual level and improving website performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mixo?

Mixo helps in simplifying the process of building a website. It is an AI-assisted approach that makes it possible for both individuals and small businesses to efficiently create their websites in a personalized way. 

What is Mixo AI?

With the help of Mixo, users can easily design attractive websites without the need for coding.

Is Mixo free to use?

Mixo’s all programs come with free trials. You get seven days to test out all of our premium features and launch your website.

How do I cancel my Mixo plan?

 Check the settings section of your account at https://app.mixo.io/account  and then select the plan you want to cancel under “Subscriptions” and select “Cancel Subscription.”

Does Mixo host my website for me?

Yep! All Mixo packages come with fully managed cloud hosting. This means your website will be available all the time; no worries!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can change your plan whenever you like through your account settings.

How secure is my payment information?

Your payment information is encrypted and handled securely. Mixo does not store or have access to your credit card information.

What are the benefits of Mixo AI?

  • Ability to track website traffic
  • Gain insights into visitor behavior
  • Optimize site performance
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Tracking tags without modification

What is the basic plan of Mixo?

The basic plan is very affordable and offers individuals and small enterprises. Basic essential features start with the price range of $9/ month.

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