Apple secures a patent for foldable display

    iPhone maker Apple has received a patent for a crack-resistant foldable display. As per the patent application granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office,
    the display will feature multiple layers, including a flexible substrate, a thin-film transistor layer, and a protective layer that aims to prevent cracks from forming in the flexible substrate (the most sensitive part of the display). Reports suggest that this technology will be tested on a foldable iPad before it is introduced on a foldable iPhone, in a less risky bid for the company.

    Gizmochina reports the patent number US-20230011092-A1. Earlier in September 2022, Apple received another patent for a foldable self-healing display, which will reportedly be designed to help a foldable display recover from scratches as well as dents.

    According to Counterpoint Research’s foldable smartphone report, the global foldable smartphone market was expected to grow 73% in 2022 to 16 million. In 2023, the foldable market is expected to grow to 26 million units. Currently, Samsung dominates a 62% market share of total foldable devices shipped worldwide whereas, Huawei and Oppo take second and third spots, with 16% and 3% market shares respectively.


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