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Apple joins forces with Biden government to support federal Right to Repair Law

Apple Iphone

In a surprising turn of events, tech giant Apple has thrown its weight behind the “Right to Repair” movement, a cause that has gained momentum in recent years. This move marks a significant shift in Apple’s stance, as the company has historically resisted such legislation.

The company pledged to provide access to tools and parts needed for repairs and available to independent repair shops and consumers nationwide. Apple’s endorsement of the federal Right to Repair law came as a shock to many industry observers. For years, the company had lobbied against various state-level Right to Repair bills and initiatives. The recent change in direction is seen as a response to growing public pressure and increased scrutiny regarding the repairability of its products.

Meanwhile, Apple’s backing of the Right to Repair movement coincided with government officials also lending their support to the cause. Legislators at both the state and federal levels have been exploring ways to make it easier for consumers to repair their electronics, from smartphones to laptops.

This bipartisan effort has culminated in the proposal of a federal Right to Repair law that aims to set standards for manufacturers to provide customers and outside repair shops with the necessary tools, parts, and information needed for repairs. The government officials backing this legislation see it as a crucial step toward promoting consumer rights and reducing electronic waste.

By allowing consumers to repair their devices rather than replace them, electronic waste can be significantly reduced, contributing to a more sustainable future. Moreover, it empowers consumers to have more control over their devices, potentially saving them money on costly repairs or replacements.

It is noteworthy that a similar comprehensive framework is looked at by the Indian government as well and for this purpose, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs had set up a Right to Repair portal earlier this month. The portal allows Indian citizens to get their electronic gadgets and vehicles repaired without losing a warranty.