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Instagram announces multiple story lists, audio notes, and birthday feature

With the host of new features, Instagram is keeping up with the GenZ users.

In a bid to enhance user engagement and cater to the evolving preferences of its user base, social media platform Instagram has recently unveiled a series of exciting new features, according to media reports. These include multiple story lists, audio notes, selfie video notes and a new birthday feature, all of which are set to transform the way users, especially its GenZ population, interact with the platform.

Talking about the multiple story lists it is one of the most significant updates that will empower users to create distinct lists for their Stories, allowing for better content organization. Whether it’s sharing personal moments with friends or promoting products and services to a specific audience, multiple story lists offer a more tailored approach to storytelling on Instagram. As the name suggest, users can make several story list catering to specific groups.

Instagram is also keeping pace with the audio trend by adding audio notes to its messaging platform. Users will now have the option to send voice messages in direct messages, making conversations more personal and expressive. Apart from audio notes, the social media giant is also introducing selfie video notes feature. Being self-explanatory, this feature works the same as audio notes but with selfies.

Additionally, Instagram is rolling out a new birthday feature that will allow users to add a “Birthday Effect” on their birthday and in turn ensuring that users never miss an opportunity to celebrate the special days of their friends and loved ones. This feature, which is designed to foster closer connections among users and strengthen their social bonds, will let other users know that it’s their birthday. While the general availability of these features still unclear, the Meta-owned company said it will soon begin testing of these features soon.

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