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iPhone 15 Buzz: Leaks Reveal A17 Bionic Chip and Speculation Grows on ‘Ultra’ Edition


Eagerly waiting for the iPhone 15’s grand reveal next month? You’re not alone! But for the tech enthusiasts who can’t get enough, some are already diving deep into the codes to uncover Apple’s plans for two years down the line.

Recently, Wccftech highlighted a discovery by renowned iPhone informant, @_orangera1n, who shared some intriguing ID numbers for future Apple processors on Twitter. If these leaks hold any weight, they suggest the introduction of an A19 Bionic chip for iPhones and an M5 chip designated for Macs. But let’s not rush. Right now, the buzz is all about the iPhone 15, which is expected to flaunt the A17 Bionic chip. On the Mac side of things, we’re probably going to see the M3 series becoming a staple in the next MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

The evolution of Apple’s chip series is always fascinating. If we trace the lineage, the M2 series, for instance, featured variants like the “Pro,” “Max,” and “Ultra,” each tailored for devices ranging from sleek laptops to powerful desktop machines. The Bionic chip lineage, on the other hand, has consistently outshined most Android counterparts in performance benchmarks. A significant leap expected with the A17 Bionic is that it’s predicted to be Apple’s pioneering 3nm processor.

But while these ID leaks give a peek into potential future developments, they’re essentially just labels for upcoming chipsets. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a slew of other juicy tidbits surrounding the iPhone 15.

One of the whispers gaining traction is about a possible rebranding. The word on the tech streets, backed by Andrew O’Hara of AppleInsider and his multiple sources, is that Apple might ditch the “Pro Max” tag for its larger iPhone and go with the more grandiose “Ultra.” What’s more, both the iPhone 15 Pro and this rumored iPhone 15 Ultra are believed to incorporate the 3nm A17 Bionic chip. Another potential upgrade could be in the camera department. There’s talk of these phones boasting a 10x periscope telephoto lens, a significant jump from the 12-MP 2X telephoto lens in the current iPhone 14 Pro. But remember, there were earlier speculations from Apple experts like Ming-Chi Kuo and Jeff Pu, suggesting a 5x or 6x periscope lens exclusive to the largest iPhone variant. So, it’s always wise to season such rumors with a pinch of skepticism.

O’Hara didn’t stop there. He further fueled the rumor mill by hinting that the premium iPhone models might feature expansive screens and replace the mute toggle with a new “Action” button. Plus, instead of the customary aluminum, we might see these devices wrapped in durable titanium frames.

So, as the countdown for the iPhone 15 begins, it’s evident that Apple never ceases to keep the tech world on its toes, from the products launching soon to those planned for years ahead. Let the speculations continue!


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