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Meta’s Threads App Surpasses 150 Million Downloads in Record Time, Twitter Rivalry Intensifies

Threads have managed to achieve one-fifth of Twitter's weekly user database and an astonishing 86 times the active user base of Donald Trump's TruthSocial.


Just two weeks after its launch, Threads, the platform being hailed as a major rival to Twitter, has crossed a user base of over 150 million within a mere six days. Data compiled at data.ai, an app intelligence firm, revealed this staggering milestone. Threads have managed to achieve one-fifth of Twitter’s weekly user database and an astonishing 86 times the active user base of Donald Trump’s TruthSocial by reaching 1 million active users the previous week.

Insights from the firm demonstrated that Threads attracted users 5.5 times faster than the wildly popular Pokemon Go did during its peak. The app has garnered over 93 million active users globally in its first partial week of availability, leading to the announcement of crossing 100 million users before July 10.

India emerged as the leader in the number of downloads, accounting for 33 per cent of global downloads. It was followed by Brazil, the US, Mexico, and Japan. However, the launch of Threads in the European Union is still pending approval due to the region’s strict rules and regulations surrounding data sharing and user privacy.

While Threads celebrated its initial success, the app’s first update, released a few days ago, primarily focused on bringing support for iOS 17. Compared to its competitors, the app lacks significant improvements in feeds, edit buttons, and multi-account support.

Twitter, founded in 2006, is now under the leadership of tech billionaire Elon Musk, and the success of Threads seems to have intensified the rivalry between him and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

While Threads took approximately six months to build with a 50-member workforce, Twitter anticipated success but did not foresee this level of achievement. However, some at Twitter believe that a significant portion of Threads’ success can be attributed to Elon Musk’s divisive reputation, as his decision-making for the app is perceived to have contributed to Twitter’s recent decline in traffic.

Due to Threads’ immense success, Musk has taken legal action against the app, accusing it of copying and hiring former employees who might have shared secrets about his company. Additionally, he is offering cash incentives to creators on the Twitter app in the hope of retaining them and encouraging them to bring more followers to the platform. Musk also plans to roll out more features that could reshape users’ perception of Twitter.

While Instagram has not disclosed growth rates for Threads, the company is expected to introduce a series of enticing features, as promised by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, to ensure users remain engaged and committed to the platform. Already, prominent figures from the entertainment industry and world leaders have joined Threads, further adding to its appeal.

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