OnlyFans partners with e-commerce platform, Spring, to offer shopping features

    Subscription content platform OnlyFans has partnered with the eCommerce platform Spring to enable creators to sell merchandise directly on their platform pages. Creators can create their own store in Spring and connect those stores to their profiles to directly offer their fans digital and physical merchandise such as calendars, puzzles, and T-shirts. Spring, formerly known as TeeSpring, was launched in 2011 and has recently been acquired by Amaze.

    “As a creator-first organization, there are over 3 million creators on OnlyFans, meaning over 3 million small businesses now have access to a new monetization tool,” said Ami Gan, CEO, in a press release. “Our creator community was looking for merchandise options to be able to share another side of their business with fans,” the statement further added.

    Chief strategy and operations officer Keily Blair added, “Integrating a choice of eCommerce options for OnlyFans creators reflects the important role OnlyFans plays in the creator economy. By choosing to focus on integrations that support our creators’ businesses, we are ensuring a creator-first approach to strategic partnerships and platform growth.”

    Currently, OnlyFans counts 220 million overall users and over 3 million creating content in 2022. Last year, the company was successful in generating $433 million in profit and has estimated to earn $2.5 billion in revenue this year. The platform recently announced other tools for creators to manage their business, including a statistics page. The tool provides creators with a detailed breakdown of their viewers and engagement statistics.

    OnlyFans creators can upload designs on their Spring accounts for over 120 available products including apparel and stickers. They can also use Spring to sell any other products they’ve produced outside of Spring’s print-to-order service. Creators will see the same rates as any other Spring shop and can choose their own price points for their merch. OnlyFans will not be taking a cut from the transaction.

    The online platform has been putting a lot of work into upcycling its image and making it more stream. Right now, it is widely considered an adult content subscription platform. Last year, the company announced it would ban adult content citing several reasons. However, it paused the move. CEO Ami Gan said that platform will still have a home on the site in five years.



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