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Apple’s Vision Pro gets new spatial games

Games such as Jetpack Joyride 2, Cut the rope 3 and many more are now available in the Apple Vision Pro headset with Apple One or Apple Arcade subscription plan

Apple Vision Pro Spatial Games

AR gaming on Apple’s Vision Pro

The tech titan Apple on Thursday 15th February unveiled an array of “spatial games” that have been tailored exclusively for its new cutting-edge innovation, the Apple Vision Pro headset. This new update heralds a new era of immersive gaming experiences curated exclusively for Apple Arcade subscribers.

Apple Vision Pro

Users of the Vision Pro can now experience an enriched gaming experience by using natural hand gestures in engaging with virtual environments within the game. By using this augmented reality (AR) technology, this new gaming mode promises players a never-before-seen degree of involvement with these spatial games. In addition, the mixed reality headset provides users with access to a huge collection of 250 non-spatial games, guaranteeing a wide range of gaming possibilities

Apple Vision Pro headset
The Apple Vision Pro headset was launched on February 2nd 2024

With the Apple Arcade membership service, users may now access a fantastic selection of 12 new spatial games. The Well-known favorites include Jetpack Joyride 2, Super Fruit Ninja, LEGO Builder’s Journey, Bloons TD 6+, Cut the Rope 3, Game Room, Illustrated,  Synth Riders, Patterned, What the Golf?, and Wylde Flowers are just a few of the exciting games included in the lineup. Games like Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, Spire blast and more highly anticipated games are currently under development according to Apple, hinting at its growing library of spatial games.


As Apple’s enthusiasm to release additional material for the Vision Pro remains to be on the rise, many users of the headset took to social media that they are returning it within the company’s 14-day return window, due to headaches and triggers of motion sickness. While the primary reason is the weight of the headset that weighs upto 650 grams with an additional 353g cable-connected battery, the other problem is that most of its features are front-loaded, without striking a balance to the user. Although Apple’s Vision Pro headset boasts outstanding functionality, there are still a number of places where it is lacks behind.

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