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Threads Introduces Highly-Requested Following Tab, Challenging Rival X’s App

Threads responds to user demand by launching its Following tab, a move that aims to rival X's app in providing a chronological feed


The social media platform Threads has just incorporated a feature that its user base has been clamoring for since its rival, Meta, debuted its competing app, X (formerly known as Twitter), a few weeks ago.

Threads has now introduced the much-anticipated Following tab, which is available on both iOS and Android apps. This new feature organizes the posts of those you follow into a chronological feed, providing a streamlined browsing experience. The introduction of this tab means users can avoid sifting through random posts from those they don’t follow, saving them the bother of navigating through an ocean of unrelated content.

In a commendable move of user engagement, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, directly responded to a user’s request for this feature on Threads, stating: “Ask and you shall receive.” This response not only demonstrates the company’s agility in catering to user needs but also underlines its dedication to pull as many users as possible from its rival, X.

Now, to understand how to use this new Following feature, here’s a brief guide. Threads, by default, still opens with the initial For You feed, which presents a mix of various posts. The Following feed is accessible by clicking on the home icon located at the bottom of the screen, or alternatively, by tapping on the Threads logo at the top. If you don’t see the Following tab, it may be due to not having the most recent version of Threads on your device. But don’t fret if it’s not appearing just yet – as Mark Zuckerberg has assured, the feature is being rolled out and will be available very soon.

Threads’ decision to open with an algorithmic For You tab is reminiscent of what the old Twitter app used to do, aiming to bolster engagement on the platform. However, user dissatisfaction with having to manually switch to the Following tab each time they opened the app led Twitter to revise this, setting the app to open on the last feed the user was viewing. It’s feasible Threads might follow suit in the near future.

For ex-X users seeking an alternative, a chronological feed is a non-negotiable feature for any app hoping to serve as a replacement. Since Elon Musk acquired and began restructuring X last October, some users have been searching for a new social media platform. While Mastodon and Bluesky have yet to gain significant traction, Threads, partly due to its close integration with Instagram, has garnered substantial interest upon its launch. But it’s too early to predict if this buzz will endure.

When Threads first launched in early July, the platform was fairly basic. However, the developers, who also work on Instagram, have been proactive in updating the app with new features. The addition of the Following tab on Tuesday is just the latest in these updates and is expected to be well-received by its users.