Twitter confirms blocking access for third-party apps

    Twitter has confirmed blocking access to third-party apps that utilize the platform’s API. A few days back, micro-blogging site users were unable to access their accounts on third-party apps like Tweetbot and Twitterrific. Following this, developers started speculating that it was an “intentional” move by the platform without any prior notice. On Tuesday, the platform issued a statement confirming that did revoke access for third-party apps without elaborating on what its long-standing API rules were, or why the platform is enforcing them.

    In a brief tweet, the official TwitterDev account wrote that the platform “is enforcing its long-standing API rules. That may result in some apps not working.” An API is a software interface that allows communication between two or more programs. All Twitter third-party applications utilize its API to access the service.

    The reason for the suspension is yet not clear. Some experts are speculating that the micro-blogging platform might have turned off access to the apps because they don’t help drive ad revenue.

    Meanwhile, app developers are saying that they did not receive any information from the company in this regard. Tweetbot co-creator Paul Haddad had said in a Mastodon post that he had not received any communication, officially or unofficially, from anyone at the company.

    Following Twitter’s announcement, Tweetbot makers said say they are in the dark about why the company has cut them off.  “Tweetbot has been around for over 10 years, we’ve always complied with the Twitter API rules,” the developer said. “If there’s some existing rule that we need to comply with, we’d be happy to do so, if possible. But we do need to know what it is…”



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