Uttarakhand to house India’s first carbon-neutral solar panel factory by Luminous Power Technologies

    On Friday, Luminous Power Technologies took a giant leap towards providing clean and renewable energy to communities around the nation with an announcement of their plans for building India’s first green energy-based solar panel factory in Uttarakhand. The sophisticated facility at Rudrapur will be ready by year-end and equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows it to design and manufacture high-quality panels suitable for both home use and commercial spaces. 

    This 10-acre solar facility provides a production capacity of 500MW annually and can be expanded up to 1GW. They specialize in the fabrication of high-quality panels with power outputs ranging from an economical 40W – 600W. 

    Rajiv Ganju, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Luminous Power Technologies, announced that the solar-powered facility is certified green by India’s Green Building Council and promises to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. With its fully robotic function powered solely by solar energy, this impressive plant is estimated to save over 70 million tons annually!

    Luminous Power Technologies is leading the way in renewable energy solutions, revolutionizing India’s clean power landscape. Their products are recognized for their efficiency – an annual production capacity equal to just under one crore trees carbon sequestrated! This monumental feat saves millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions each year and sets a shining example of sustainability leadership!


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