SpaceX to seek launch permit for Starlink satellite internet services in India: Report

    Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe.


    Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, will seek a launch permit from the Department of Telecommunications, or DoT, for its Starlink satellite internet services in India, according to a media report.


    “SpaceX is set to apply to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for a global mobile personal communications by satellite services (GMPCS) permit to launch broadband-from-space services in India under its Starlink brand,” The Economic Times reported, citing unnamed sources.


    The permit is required to roll out high-speed satellite internet services in the country using its global constellation of low earth orbit, or LEO, satellites. Elon Musk’s SpaceX will be third company, after Bharti Group-backed OneWeb and Reliance Jio Infocomm’s satellite arm, to apply for this.


    SpaceX will also seek statutory approvals from the government for landing rights and market access, the report added. Further, the report said that the American company will also seek Dot’s approval to set up local getaways, i.e. establishing in-country earth stations and also deploy its global satellite bandwidth capacity in Asia’s third largest economy.


    DoT and SpaceX have not responded to media queries about the same yet.


    Earlier this year, Billionaire Musk’s Starlink was asked by the Indian government to refund all its pre-orders until it receives licenses to operate in the country.


    About Starlink:


    According to the company’s website, it provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe by leveraging Starlink’s advanced satellites and user hardware, coupled with company’s deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations.


    “Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more,” the website read.


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