Frustrated with menopause hot flashes? Apparels made using NASA-funded technology might help.

    According to NASA, the United States is Fifty One’s second-largest market after the United Kingdom as of 2021.


    Women past a certain age, usually in their 40s and 50s, experience menopause, which is defined as not having periods for a year. It causes many changes in the body, common among all would be a feeling of intense warmth commonly referred to as hot flashes.


    At a time when technology has become a part and parcel of our lives, a London-based clothing company named ‘fifty apparel’ is using a technology developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to create a line of temperature-regulating apparel for women going through menopause.


    “Hot flashes can make women uncomfortable, self-conscious, and embarrassed and night sweats can cause disrupted sleep, which leads to a lack of concentration, energy, and motivation. These symptoms can ultimately lead to low self-esteem, confidence, and mood swings,” the company stated on its website.


    “Our unique clothing line helps you manage these symptoms by providing comfortable, stylish clothing that is scientifically proven to regulate your body temperature,” Fifty One apparel added.


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    The company’s founder Louise Nicholson, while exploring high-tech fabrics for regulating temperatures, came across a material born from NASA funding called ‘Outlast’ that has been previously used in numerous products, from desk chairs to underwear.


    According to a blog post by NASA, Walero, a Cambridge-based company that uses the material in clothes for race car drivers, had sold some of its Outlast apparel to people experiencing menopause. However, Fifty One apparel’s Nicholson noticed that there aren’t any brands using this technology specifically for menopause.


    “By bonding Outlast to cellulosic yarn, the company’s clothing maintains the temperature-regulating properties of phase-change materials but retains the look and feel of high-end fabrics,” NASA said.


    The clothing company’s initial products included a line of shirts in four styles and were first sold to London-based customers via parties. However, the company has now expanded to e-commerce, selling tops, bottoms, and nightwear directly to individuals around the world.


    Further, it has expanded its range of Outlast-based products that include accessories like scarves, facemasks, and turbans. According to NASA, the United States is Fifty One’s second-largest market after the United Kingdom as of 2021.


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