Apprentice Bard: Google’s response to ChatGPT

    The AI wave led by ChatGPT has somewhat disrupted the tech industry and its current workings. And, Google seems to be one of the most affected tech players by OpenAI’s chatbot, which has human-like responses to your questions.

    Now, reports have come that Google is testing a new product called ‘Apprentice Bard’, an AI chatbot that could be the tech giant’s alternative to ChatGPT. Google’s new chatbot is being built on its LaMDA(Language Model for Dialogue Applications.) technology, which is the company’s conversation tech developed by Google Research in 2017.

    According to a CNBC report, while using Apprentice Bard, employees can enter a question in a dialog box, get a text answer, and then give feedback on the response. Interestingly, Apprentice Bard’s response can include recent events, a feature that gives it an edge over ChatGPT as OpenAI’s chatbot has “Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021.”

    Reportedly, in recent weeks, Google employees have noticed Apprentice Bard’s responses becoming more advanced in recent weeks.

    OpenAI’s ChatGPT, on the other hand, has been in the limelight since its launch in November last year. Short for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, ChatGPT is a popular AI text generator and has been a center of attention for many due to its human-like response. As per its website, the “conversational” AI app answers “followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.”

    American multinational tech giant Microsoft last week announced a “multibillion-dollar investment” in OpenAI. While the actual amount and terms of the deal are still unclear, some reports suggest that Microsoft will invest $10 billion in OpenAI.


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